Sunday, January 25, 2009


I know I'm kind of late but notorious was very interesting. It took me a while to go watch it, cause I had mix feelings about the movie I guess because everyone I asked about the movie they either say its good, bad, or it wasn't all that.

But I think it was GREAT! that's just my opinion. They put it together good ad it answered a lot of questions I was wondering about Badboy. I know I know it wasn't all shown and may not been all true, but you know what they say something comes from something, and nothing comes from nothing, meaning something about the situations was true.

Now what I didn't like was how they portrayed Lil Kim and the relationship she had with Biggie. I feel they made her look like a hoe to ease Faith and Biggie mama mind. Being a women you can tell what the rolls each woman played in his life, Jan was his BM( baby mama), faith was wify,and Lil Kim was his down ass bitch and you could tell that he love them all in his own way.

What I did like was he was a big teddy bear, a sweetheart. Even though he did his thing in the streets and he was a muthafucka to the ladies( lol) he had an innocent thing about him, and I see why the women loved him. I use to wonder how he get his women, I guess because of his character.

That 2pac part of the movie was the most confusing. I don't know was it real or fake. I just don't understand why pac would flip out like that just cause! He must of had a reason why he thought badboy was behind him getting shot. That part of the movie really didn't tell me nothing, they was so close and biggie warned him about them niggas, so why was he so sure it was badboy? Hmmm we'll neva really know

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

as long as u enjoyed yourself u are never late

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