Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High BloodPressure Sadness

Today I'm so frustrated, I want to get my hair in this cute style without using hair glue. But I have the biggest bald spot in the middle of my head. At first it was thinning and I thought I was seeing things but one day I felt my hair and it was like touching a tennis ball!!! It was a nightmare. When I couldn't understand why I called my doctor and asked him can I come in cause it was scaring me. He asked me what was my symptoms, and I told him my hair was falling out and it was itching very bad. He said its because of my blood pressure pills. Its a side effect, that I hate, I cry sometimes to think about it.

I stop taking them because my pressure was better and I lost all my baby weight, and I was so happy that my hair was growing back and I wasn't popping a pill twice a day like an elderly person. But one day I was at work and it felt like I was gone fall out. I felt so bad for a couple days it was like I was going through withdrawal or something. I felt like an addict wanting my next fix. I had to call Walgreen's to order my prescription. And pop one of those pills fast, and I feel so much better. I only take one, I hope my hair will continue to grow.

So Sad,

Dom P.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I know I'm kind of late but notorious was very interesting. It took me a while to go watch it, cause I had mix feelings about the movie I guess because everyone I asked about the movie they either say its good, bad, or it wasn't all that.

But I think it was GREAT! that's just my opinion. They put it together good ad it answered a lot of questions I was wondering about Badboy. I know I know it wasn't all shown and may not been all true, but you know what they say something comes from something, and nothing comes from nothing, meaning something about the situations was true.

Now what I didn't like was how they portrayed Lil Kim and the relationship she had with Biggie. I feel they made her look like a hoe to ease Faith and Biggie mama mind. Being a women you can tell what the rolls each woman played in his life, Jan was his BM( baby mama), faith was wify,and Lil Kim was his down ass bitch and you could tell that he love them all in his own way.

What I did like was he was a big teddy bear, a sweetheart. Even though he did his thing in the streets and he was a muthafucka to the ladies( lol) he had an innocent thing about him, and I see why the women loved him. I use to wonder how he get his women, I guess because of his character.

That 2pac part of the movie was the most confusing. I don't know was it real or fake. I just don't understand why pac would flip out like that just cause! He must of had a reason why he thought badboy was behind him getting shot. That part of the movie really didn't tell me nothing, they was so close and biggie warned him about them niggas, so why was he so sure it was badboy? Hmmm we'll neva really know

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is a very important and a beautiful occasion. I remember growing up and getting up in the morning to go to the MLK parade and it was something we did for all my life. Now I'm glad to share that experience with my daughter and niece.

I watched the history channel this morning , and they had a special on MLK and they had issues and facts about him that I didn't know or expected. Did you know that MLK cheated on his wife! I was shocked I mean that shit knocked me off my feet. I mean I don't trust any man now . LOL but anyway J. Edgar Hoover sent Ms. Coretta Scott King video tapes and cassette tapes of MLK cheating.

Even though he was just a man , it shocked the hell out of me. It didn't change what it stood for, and what he did for our people, I still have the up most respect for him and his family and especially for Ms. King for standing by her man.

Thinking of MLK has me thinking of Obama of course. He brings hope and dreams to everyone who thought there would be no hope for our people but the day finally came. I hope Ms. Barack( the first lady) can be as strong as Ms. King was , because I'm pretty sure there will be temptations and there will be people who would try to destroy them as a family and a team.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Single Again! !!!!

Well sometimes you just have to let things go ,because things are fucked up! You cant try to keep shit together cause of love that just make you hate the other person in the long run.

I'm not gone cry or make a big deal out of this break up cause I feel like its for the best. I'm not gone asked for him back thats just not my style, and I'm not gone have a whole girls night out about this shit cause my girls might think I aint got shit under control.

I love him but thats not gone stop his temper, or the way he tries to play games. I love all what he do for me but its not worth the anger and pain. The baby that we made together is the best thing he ever had gave me.

This time no relationships , no commitments, i'm doing me, having fun, letting loose.

Dom P.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

nothing like a pedicure

nToday I had a marvelous day. I got off work early I went to get my nails done and a pedicure, oh god it was long over do!!! LOL I came home and played with my beautiful daughter that thinks she can talk at the age of 9 months. And now I'm watch house of payne, and waiting for meet the bowns. what a day I didn't work that hard or long, and my pedicurist went to work on my feet, I was in paradise. I had a good book and just layed back and fell asleep.

Its nothing like a good day to turn you around, and have you on cloud nine.


Dom P

Monday, January 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

I have an addiction to HBO'S True Blood. Its the series since CSI, I couldn't miss an episode I got my boyfriend addicted and my sister they was picking at me for watching a vampire series thinking it didn't make no since, but just by it being crazy the more interesting it is. And now there hooked like me !!!

Just the story alone was attracting . Sookie and Bill being in love even though they was so different was sexy and exciting. It made me wanting to be Sookie and wanting to be with Bill.

I loved Tara and her don't care attitude. and her secret fling with her boss. That also was a shape shifter. He change into many things but he likes to be dogs lol, that's crazy.

Watching this season makes me pant for more I cant wait to next season it cant come fast enough. To find out whats next is killing me.

Please try to catch the reruns on hbo on Friday's or check them out on demand, you wont be disappointed. - love Dom P.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little Ghetto Girl

I love reading the ghetto tales thats told like coldest winter ever, project chick, and Hustlers wife. But my favorite is "Little Ghetto Girl". I feel it's a good book to read because, she was loyal to her man, family, and friends. She was a bad bitch that stayed on her grind and did what she had to do for her family.She was real and she had real problems.

I love this story because its something like reality, not saying the story is true but the events in the book has happen to me or my friends.

Other books that I recommend is "My women, his wife","Gangstaa Girl","Hood Chick I ,II, III,&IV.

Till next smooches muah, Love Dom P.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well I haven't been on here in a while but I have been going through lifes trials. I have no complaints because I maded to see the new year, which is a blessing because theres alot of people didn't make it.( R.I.P. Grandma 1907-2008) yes she died of the age of 101, but it still hurt to see her go. But I want bring that up because I've made peace with it.

My New year so far have been a blessing I have my healthy baby girl , a boyfriend, my family, and good friends. Sometimes life can get you so down that you forget t hat you have people who love you. So many things happen this past months and I really let it get the best of me, but now that I look back at them they really wasn't that major. I have grown so much the last year that I surprised myself, from knowing who your friends are, being in love and raising a child. I sometimes get exausted with working and juggling all of the three. Sometimes I forget that I can't please everyone, be everywhere and do all things everyone else doing. I often think Im super women (lol) trying to put the world on my shoulders. Aries are like that we are leaders and we worry to much, they say that aries get alot of headaches and thats true.

Well until next time xoxo Dom P.

SEX !!!

There are more than 300 pressure points in your ear, making it a prime erotic zone. So love bunnies while turning your mate on, try playing with the ear to find your lovers hot spot.

love Dom P.