Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Single Again! !!!!

Well sometimes you just have to let things go ,because things are fucked up! You cant try to keep shit together cause of love that just make you hate the other person in the long run.

I'm not gone cry or make a big deal out of this break up cause I feel like its for the best. I'm not gone asked for him back thats just not my style, and I'm not gone have a whole girls night out about this shit cause my girls might think I aint got shit under control.

I love him but thats not gone stop his temper, or the way he tries to play games. I love all what he do for me but its not worth the anger and pain. The baby that we made together is the best thing he ever had gave me.

This time no relationships , no commitments, i'm doing me, having fun, letting loose.

Dom P.

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love Dom P.