Monday, January 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

I have an addiction to HBO'S True Blood. Its the series since CSI, I couldn't miss an episode I got my boyfriend addicted and my sister they was picking at me for watching a vampire series thinking it didn't make no since, but just by it being crazy the more interesting it is. And now there hooked like me !!!

Just the story alone was attracting . Sookie and Bill being in love even though they was so different was sexy and exciting. It made me wanting to be Sookie and wanting to be with Bill.

I loved Tara and her don't care attitude. and her secret fling with her boss. That also was a shape shifter. He change into many things but he likes to be dogs lol, that's crazy.

Watching this season makes me pant for more I cant wait to next season it cant come fast enough. To find out whats next is killing me.

Please try to catch the reruns on hbo on Friday's or check them out on demand, you wont be disappointed. - love Dom P.

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SEX !!!

There are more than 300 pressure points in your ear, making it a prime erotic zone. So love bunnies while turning your mate on, try playing with the ear to find your lovers hot spot.

love Dom P.