Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Am I Myself!!!

Today I woke up and brush my teeth, got ready for work and then got my baby up, and got her ready for the daycare. On the way to work I drifted off a year ago when I wasn't a mother. I thought about all the freedom I had and how I have changed. I don't act the same, talk the same or even sleep the same. I did a 360 ever since my beautiful baby girl was born. Why is that? Well I feel that once you feel this way you should ask yourself these questions

- Am I changing for the of my family?

- Do I still have time for myself?

- Am I happy?

- Can I still do what I want and still raise a family?
I have answered all these questions and I found that I am me, a better me, an happier me. And as long as I'm happy and my family is happy, Thats me!!!!!

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