Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Crazy Day

I just thought I share this with my people cause it was an example of some shit I could've prevented.

Well today I was at work (of course) doing what I do when I walked up to some mailboxes and put the key in and opened them( if you didn't know I deliver mail) and the boxes was wet, they had been painted. There were gray paint everywhere. I was so piss!!!! All on my hands , my phone, uniform , everywhere. I didn't care bout the uniform , but anyway I walked away with an attitude and went on to the next bow and there was three women stand around the boxes just painting and having a good time. So I stand there looking and they start talking Spanish and laughing say that I was late that the other mail lady comes early and hahahaha hehehehe. So bout that time steam is coming out my ears, so I;m straight ignoring them, while they cackle. so I say excuse me so I can get past, and one of the ladies tell me your excused and why u got an attitude, and say I'm a bitch. So wait to I'm finish with the mail and I walked by, I say stupid bitch real low so only her and me can hear. She went crazy." Oh she said stupid bitch" everyone was looking like she was crazy including me. HA that felt good. She was like I'm gone call the mailbox, lol she meant post office. The bitch is crazy and dump.

But I later thought about it and I should've kept ignoring her cause see that's not the first time I have been called up on, and now a days the budget is so tight that they want a reason to take your job. But I have to admit it entertained me.

Jeezy laugh.

Dom P.

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

its ok to have an attitude, just not all the time sister

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